Emtpy Cloud center offers fresh organic food sourced from local farms and Garden Oasis, as well as nourishing staple foods produced by ethical brands. Empty Cloud only accept donations from individuals and like-minded brands that operate on principles of authenticity, transparency, uniqueness, as well as social and environmental responsibility. We foster products that enhance a sense of well being and quality of life, and also adhere to our core values.

Please note Empty Cloud strives to be a vegan monastery. Also because of allergies of one of monks, we request only Organic food. Much Mettā!

Things we need


  • bananas
  • soy milk

House Hold Items

  • toilet paper

Things We Don’t Need

  • rice
  • peanut butter

If you would like to support Empty Cloud you can purchase items from our Amazon Wishlist be delivered directly to the monastery.

You can support us by donating to Buddhist Insights, our parent organization founded by the resident monks of Empty Cloud in 2016.